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Proof Positive Obama Was Spying on Trump

Proof Positive Obama Was Spying on Trump
April 17
09:55 2017

(WND) – News headlines on Wednesday included Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s visit to Russia as well as that nation’s veto of a United Nations resolution against Syria over its sarin gas attack on citizens.

But the biggest headline, talk-radio giant Rush Limbaugh said, is the one that confirmed the FBI obtained a warrant to spy on a Trump campaign adviser during the 2016 presidential race.

“I cannot tell you how big this is,” he said. “This validates what Trump was saying about his campaign being surveilled. And it’s also the first time anything like this has ever happened.”

The controversy over Trump’s claim that his team was “wiretapped” by has been a huge controversy for months.

It came about in the Democrats’ hunt for a reason their candidate, the now twice-failed Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, didn’t beat Trump.

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They accuse Trump’s associates of colluding with Russia to hack the emails of Clinton advisers and leak them to defeat her in the election.

They haven’t addressed the fact that Americans simply rejected her, her ideas and her agenda.

Trump elevated the dispute when he tweeted his claims the government spying on him at Trump Tower.

The collusion charge has weakened since Trump ordered a missile attack on a base in Syria, which is allied with the Russians.

The news Wednesday was that the FBI had obtained a secret court order to spy on Carter Page, who served as an adviser to the Trump campaign for a time.

“Now we know that there was a FISA warrant,” Limbaugh said on his nationwide broadcast. “The Obama administration was surveilling some guy named Carter Page. They found nothing, but they were looking to. They wanted to. Carter Page had done some business in Russia some time ago, and they were desperate. Obama and his team were desperate to prove that there was some kind of collusion between Russia and Trump. Now that’s kind of out the window with what’s happened in Syria. But you won’t find that news today.”

He noted that the Washington Post still was claiming that the FISA warrant “shows that there must have been some collusion between the Russians and Trump.”

“And I’m here to tell you, ladies and gentlemen – do not doubt me – that is B.S.,” Limbaugh said.

“What happened was the Obama administration wanted to find collusion between Trump and Russia all last summer,” he said. “Contrary to the warrant indicating there must have been some collusion, what the warrant being sought means is that Obama wanted to search for some.”

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Limbaugh said there’s been no evidence of collusion with Russia.

“So the granting of this warrant, in my humble opinion, was expressly so they could look for some, not because they thought they had some.”

He pointed out that for six weeks Democrats have “pooh-poohed” the idea that there was such a warrant.

But now, the Washington Post “is attempting to say that the existence of the warrant means that they had evidence of collusion.”

“They don’t, or we would know it. Whoever colluded would have been outed by now. We would already be proceeding to impeachment. They’ve got nothing. They never have had anything,” he said.

“You know the headline of this story? ‘Obama administration spied on Trump campaign.’ That’s the news. The media wants you to think the news is that the Trump campaign is really looking now like there was collusion because we got a FISA warrant to investigate it. That’s not the news. The news is the Obama administration – counter to everything the Democrats and the media were saying – was, in fact, spying on the Trump campaign.”

The Washington Post’s reporting was based on unidentified sources.

WND reported days ago it was a former Obama official, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Evelyn Farkas, who told MSNBC there were attempts to get information about Trump.

Farkas said the reason for that was, “We have very good intelligence on Russia,” and she was “very worried because not enough was coming out into the open.”

However, intelligence chiefs who have seen the classified information in question, including Obama’s own former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper as well as former acting CIA Director Michael Morell, have said they have seen no evidence of collusion between the Trump team and the Russian government.

That would appear to indicate the real reason the Obama administration was feverishly collecting and sharing the classified information was not for national security purposes, but for political reasons.

On “Meet the Press” March 5, host Chuck Todd asked Clapper, “Does intelligence exist that can definitively answer the following question, whether there were improper contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian officials?”

Citing a report compiled by the “NSA, FBI and CIA, with my office, the Director of National Intelligence,” Clapper answered, “There was no evidence of that included in our report.”


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