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Mumps on the Rise – But Don’t Blame Anti-Vaxxers

Mumps on the Rise – But Don’t Blame Anti-Vaxxers
April 07
13:36 2017

(HSI) – Cases of mumps are becoming more and more common. So far this year, practically every state has reported incidents of the illness.

Of course, it’s easy for state and federal vaccine pushers to try and pin the blame on those “anti-vaxxers” they always say are responsible for these things.

But guess what? This time, they can’t.

Because in most of these cases, everyone who came down with mumps had already been vaccinated. Often multiple times.

And in all of those scary media reports about how many have mumps, and how it’s such a big mystery, there’s one thing reporters fail to mention: The mumps shot simply doesn’t work.

A federal court case filed against Merck, the vaccine’s manufacturer, claims the drugmaker has known that for decades — but manipulated the results of clinical trials to make it appear the shot is more effective than it really is.

And that by doing so, it cheated the federal government out of millions.

Case closed

If you ever wanted an example of how Big Pharma is handled with kid gloves, and even rewarded for behaving badly, you need look no further than what’s going on with the Merck mumps vaccine.
Mumps is bundled into Merck’s MMR shot (mumps, measles and rubella). And claims over death and injury from it are being heard all the time. It’s one of the top three reasons cases are filed in “vaccine court,” the only place where Big Pharma can be sued over the results of a shot.

But this is something else entirely.

Seven years ago, two former Merck scientists filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the drugmaker saying it fudged the results from clinical trials of the mumps vaccine. Merck needed to show the shot was 95 percent effective, they said, so that it could keep its exclusive license to make it.

The two scientists said that they were witnesses to the fraudulent testing. Results that didn’t come out good enough to keep that “prevention” number up to 95 percent, they said, were discarded and different ways to get the magic number were devised.

Before the lawsuit was filed, these former Merck virologists tried to get the FDA involved, but you can imagine how that turned out. So, they took their story to court, where it’s still sitting to this day.

And if you’re wondering how the feds are involved in all this, that’s because the CDC is Merck’s biggest MMR customer. It buys tons of the vaccine and resells it to numerous state health departments around the U.S.

Now, as I said, mumps cases are becoming rather commonplace all over the country. But instead of putting two and two together, health officials are saying our kids and grandkids (including anyone born after 1965), need to roll up their sleeves and get a third MMR shot!

Can you imagine how many more millions Merck will make on that third shot? Instead of those allegations being — gasp — investigated, the company’s been allowed to reap a windfall of extra profits!

And in another last-ditch attempt to push a vaccine that obviously isn’t protecting people, officials are saying that even if you come down with mumps after getting the shot, it will probably be less severe.

But as anyone of a certain age will remember, mumps was considered a commonplace childhood illness that really wasn’t expected to result in serious side effects. Even the World Health Organization calls it a “mild childhood disease.”

Of course, Merck says that all of the charges are without merit, and it will “vigorously” defend itself in court.

I’m sure it will. It’s got the money and stable of lawyers to keep everything tied up for ages.

But one thing this case shows quite clearly is that parents who make the decision not to vaccinate their children shouldn’t be attacked as crazies every time an illness like mumps makes an appearance.

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