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Mike Rowe’s Classic Take on the Trump Economy

Mike Rowe’s Classic Take on the Trump Economy
February 06
11:07 2017

(WesternJournalism) – Conservative TV personality Mike Rowe could be the country’s best spokesman for a job well done.

In an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, the down-to-earth star best known for hosting the Discovery Channel hit show “Dirty Jobs” as well as conservative social media commentary, made the case for what President-elect Donald Trump has done so far to encourage American industry to invest in the country again.

And he had some rock-solid advice for American workers to succeed in a global economy.

Rowe’s interview with Carlson came after news broke that automaker Fiat Chrysler plans to put $1 billion into modernizing two manufacturing plants in Michigan and Ohio, two of the “Rust Belt” states that helped give Trump his upset victory over Hillary Clinton in November.

Coming so soon after last week’s announcement that Ford had canceled plans to spend $1.6 billion on a plant in Mexico in favor of expanding a plant in Michigan, the development seems to showcase a new attitude toward investing in the United States by some of the country’s biggest manufacturers.

And it could well be the beginning of an economic turnaround, Rowe said. (The kind of turnaround eight years of stultifying policy from a near-socialist presidency has stifled.)

Check out the interview here.

The point here is Rowe’s position that there’s more at stake – and more to celebrate – than just the prospect of good salaries.

Some of the highest salaries in the countries are in the wealthy counties surrounding the nation’s capital. That doesn’t mean those counties produce anything other than government workers getting fat on government paychecks. What really matters is that a revival of American manufacturing would mean the country is producing again.

“Look, it’s not just jobs,” Rowe told Carlson. “And when I say that, I don’t mean to minimize it at all, but there’s just something … larger at work here, and it has to do with our identity, it has to do with what it feels like when we’re actually making things as a country.”

What’s bracing about Mike Rowe is he doesn’t bother sugarcoating reality. Of course, companies want to locate where labor’s cheaper, it’s one way they make their profits grow. And making a profit is the reason companies exist – providing jobs is part of the process, not the overall goal.

(That’s a fact Democratic politicians rarely seem to grasp.)

And Rowe stressed the real responsibility of American workers to make themselves valuable to the economy. It’s the kind of advice a lot of people’s fathers gave them a long time ago. (Social justice warriors living on student loans as they major in Gender Studies with a minor in Eradicating Income Inequality could take a lesson here.)

“Get a skill that’s in demand, that’s really in demand, that can’t be outsourced,” Rowe said. “Plumbers, steamfitters, pipefitters, carpenters, mechanics, those men and women right now … can pretty much write their own ticket, and so, again on a micro-level, I see a lot of reasons to feel really optimistic.”

With the final days of the Obama presidency dwindling away, and a new president and Congress vowing to sweep out the job-strangling regulations the old administration imposed, he’s not the only one.

Democrats are going to hate it for the next four years, but there’s a big job to be done.

Mike Rowe’s Classic Take On Emerging Trump Economy Will Have Democrats Blowing A Gasket

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