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Chemo Brain is Real and Lasting

Chemo Brain is Real and Lasting
January 20
10:42 2017

(HealthRev) – If you want to pay to get insulted, you used to have to buy tickets to a Don Rickles show.

Today, you just have to visit your doctor!

For the price of your copay, he’ll dismiss your concerns and then insult you by implying — or even saying outright — that they’re all in your head.

Ladies, if you’ve been locked in a battle with breast cancer, you might know what I’m talking about all too well — because he’s probably dismissed your complaints about the side effects of chemotherapy.

But if you’ve suffered from the notorious brain fog… memory loss… mental fatigue… and inability to focus… it’s not you, and it’s not your cancer.

It’s your TREATMENT!

New research confirms the long-dismissed “chemo brain” is all too real, and that it can have lasting effects on women fighting this disease.

Over the course of a year, women in the study diagnosed and treated for breast cancer were far more likely to suffer from problems with their memory, attention span, and the ability to process information than healthy women were.

It was so persistent that women who had chemo suffered those awful brain-clouding effects at nearly TRIPLE the rate of healthy women!

The study looked at a period of a year, with about six months of that time following their treatment.

But that’s only part of the story — because if the study went on longer, they would have found that many women suffer lingering cognitive problems for YEARS after chemotherapy.

One study on mice found the effects can last the equivalent of a decade in human years!

The new study finds the biggest risk is in women already facing anxiety and depression, which come with the territory when you’ve been given a cancer diagnosis.

So, don’t forget to set aside a little time for some self-care as you fight the cancer. Spending time with friends and loved ones… treating yourself to a night out… taking a daily walk… and saying a prayer at night can all help fight anxiety and depression.

If it turns out you need chemo, there are simple steps you can take to limit the damage, detoxify, and help avoid side effects such as “chemo brain” — as well as the nausea, fatigue, pain disorders, and mood problems that often strike during a fight with this disease.

Nutrients such as omega-3 fish oil, glutathione, citicoline, and others can make a big difference as well.


Chemo brain is real and lasting

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