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Why Investors Are Clueless

Why Investors Are Clueless
April 14
11:51 2017

(InvestmentU) – This is it. In mere hours, The Oxford Club will go live with what’s shaping up to be the biggest event in our 27-year history. In it, Alexander Green will reveal a comprehensive list of investors who never lost money on a single trade last year. To see how they did it – and apply their secrets to your own portfolio – you must sign up for today’s free webinar. We’re calling it Wall Street’s 100% Success Club. Click here for details.

Investors are clueless.

That’s not a slight. It’s a fact. Any seasoned trader knows…

You can spend hours analyzing a stock – days even – and still lose money on a well-informed trade.

There’s just so much that happens outside of the investor’s purview. A new product launch… a sudden change in management… an upcoming merger…

Announcements like these can create huge surges in demand for stocks, sending prices through the roof.

The opposite is also true.

So even if you conduct your basic due diligence on a company – you know the financials inside and out, you’ve dug into earnings trends and forecasts – you’re still at the mercy of “info bombs” like the ones I just described.

You know a lot of important information, sure. But you don’t know everything.

Despite your best efforts, you remain clueless.

It doesn’t have to be this way…

Get a Clue
Over the past week, Investment U has focused on one central idea… Corporate insiders – with their extensive knowledge of useful, nonpublic information – move stocks.

We’ve shown you one example after another.

Samuel Taube explained how a pair of Target (NYSE: TGT) directors sold more than $500,000 worth of stock. And, just weeks later, the company took a huge dip.

Our head of research recounted a similar story with Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT). When insiders sold off in July of last year, the action was followed by a sudden dive in share price.

And, as you can see in the chart below, once they started piling back in, a jump in price quickly followed.

And when the insiders started bailing out of Flowers Foods (NYSE: FLO), what do you think happened next?

It happens like clockwork.

Naturally, we’ve made it our business at The Oxford Club (Investment U’s publisher) to track insider activity within any stock we’re researching.

And that’s an order that comes down from the top. As our Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green noted here, insider buying has an “exceptional value as an indicator of future stock prices.”

If that weren’t enough, we could always take it from legendary trader Daniel Drew:

Anybody who plays the market without inside information is like a man buying cows in the moonlight.
In our view, too many investors are content to fumble around in the dark. Which is precisely why Alex and The Oxford Club Research Team have worked so tirelessly on our latest project…

Wall Street’s 100% Success Club
It’s an in-depth look at some of the most “clued-in” traders of all time – Wall Street’s 100% Success Club.

As the name suggests, those in this elite group of insiders have an unprecedented 100% success rate on their stock trades.

Tracking them all down was no easy task. Alex originally presented this idea more than three months ago. Since then, we’ve spent hundreds of man hours – and even hired a programmer – to pull together the right data.

We combed through more than 7.8 million insider transactions. And what we found was shocking.

Now we want to share the results with you. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to hurry up and register for today’s free webinar. In it, Alex will reveal the secrets of Wall Street’s 100% Success Club and how you can apply their success to your portfolio.

It’s our most anticipated event of the year. You don’t want to miss it.

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