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Earn a “Boring” 2,765% Profit

Earn a “Boring” 2,765% Profit
May 19
12:42 2017

Artificial intelligence, Drones, Bitcoin…

We love introducing you to exciting investment ideas in cutting-edge technology sectors.

Not only are these sectors exciting to learn about, but for early-stage investors like us, these areas tend to offer the highest returns.

But today I’m going to cover a different type of sector entirely:

You see, even though some might consider this sector a real snoozer…

It just handed early investors a 2,765% profit.

So if you’d like a chance to earn gains like this yourself, check this out!

The Most Profitable Investment in History

First let me explain why this sector might not be so boring after all…

For one thing, over the past few years, we’ve seen billions of dollars pour into this space.

For instance, in 2016 alone, investors backed 338 start-ups in this sector with nearly $1 billion.

That’s up from just 154 startups and $452 million dollars in 2012.

On top of that, large corporations are looking at this sector as a big new growth area.

In the past year, blue chip companies have shelled out billions of dollars acquiring companies in this space.

And that’s resulted in enormous profits for early investors.

But maybe that shouldn’t be so surprising:

After all, the most profitable investment in history came out of this sector…

10,868x Your Money

According to a study from the market research firm, ThinkAdvisor, the most profitable investment
of all time returned a whopping 10,868x investors’ money.

That’s like turning $100 into $1 million — on one investment.

And here’s the thing: this investment has held the title of “the most profitable investment” for nearly a century now. That’s because this investment took place all the way back in 1923.

That’s when Asa Candler sold his stake in Coca-Cola for $25 million — a stake he’d acquired earlier for just $2,300.

By now you might have guessed the sector I’m referring to:

Food & Beverage!

You see, even though the Food & Beverage sector might not seem as exciting as things like nano-technology or cures for cancer, investments in this space can be just as profitable.

For example, as we’ve written about before, Naked Juice was a tiny start-up putting all-natural juice into a bottle — then it got snatched up by Pepsi for an estimated $450 million…

And Chobani, the Greek-style yogurt company that just got started a few years ago, is now valued at several billion dollars.

But even more recently, a tiny private Food & Beverage start-up just handed its investors a 2,765% windfall…

And this particular start-up raised its initial seed capital from regular investors like you!

BrewDog Delivers

The startup I’m referring to is a craft brewery founded in Scotland called BrewDog.

BrewDog makes small batches of high-quality craft beer.

Since the company’s founding in 2007, it’s grown dramatically:

Today it’s a global company that produces more than 2 million bottles of beer each year.

But not so long ago, it was just a tiny start-up that needed some seed capital to get its
business off the ground.

And instead of turning to traditional sources like banks or venture capital funds, BrewDog opted for a different route:

It decided to use equity crowdfunding, so it could raise money from thousands of individual investors like you.

In total, 2,500 individual investors contributed small amounts of capital to BrewDog.

Their investments added up to about $2.6 million.

And now their early support has paid off:

A private equity firm called TSG Consumer Partners just bought out many of BrewDog’s shareholders for $213 million…

BrewDog’s early investors netted a 2,765% return on their investment.

The Next BrewDog

If you’d like to get in on the “next” BrewDog, here’s what to do:

“Accredited” investors (basically, those with $1 million+ net worth or $200k+ in income) can head over to a crowdfunding website called CircleUp. CircleUp specializes in consumer-focused
start-up like BrewDog.

And non-accredited can head over to WeFunder, where all investors — regardless of income or net worth— can invest.

In fact, WeFunder currently has five Food & Beverage companies listed on its site right now.

Click here to give them a look »

Happy investing!

Please note: Crowdability has no relationship with CircleUp, WeFunder or with any of the platforms or companies we write about. Crowdability is an independent provider of education, information and research on start-ups and alternative investments.

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