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Alzheimer’s Disease Can be Prevented

Alzheimer’s Disease Can be Prevented
April 07
13:39 2017

(HealthRev) – I’ve been in this business a long time — more than two decades now — and I’ve never heard of anyone who urges patients to take selenium and vitamin E to prevent dementia.

But there are people who have to build a house out of Coke bottles and watch it fall down before they figure out that Coke bottles aren’t the best of building materials.

And that’s exactly what a study sponsored by the “National Institute on Aging” has done.

Somehow, instead of looking into any of the dozens of natural therapies that show promise in slowing or stopping Alzheimer’s disease, the researchers decided to study those two.

And when 95 percent of the men in the study DIDN’T get Alzheimer’s disease whether they took the supplement or the placebo, reports all over the place treated it as gospel.

Their not-so-subtle message, though, wasn’t just that vitamin E and selenium don’t work. It was that NOTHING works, so you best wait for a drug to come along.

But that’s just not true — because there are safe and effective natural therapies that CAN cut your risk of getting dementia AND slow it down if you have it.

The study on selenium and vitamin E was badly flawed — and the researchers even admitted as much. They said it was “underpowered” and had “methodologic limitations” that make it “very unlikely” they would have found a benefit even if there was one.

The research piggybacked on another study created to look at selenium and vitamin E’s effects on cancer. When the cancer trial didn’t pan out, many of the men quit and couldn’t even be found to complete the dementia part of the study — and those who stuck around were relatively younger men who were in their 60s, in good health, and college-educated.

Those three factors put them at a very low risk of dementia to begin with.

You have to wonder why the researchers even bothered!

Who knows? Maybe it was to generate some quick headlines with a cheap hit-job on vitamins, something mainstream researchers seem to specialize in.

And, conveniently, all the “news” about this study left out its flaws.

But it also left out what DOES work when it comes to dementia!

B vitamins, for example, have been shown to slow the “brain shrink” that often marks that onset of cognitive decline and dementia. Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acid supplements may also help reduce your risk.

And in people who already have the condition, chelation therapy can clear out the metals that often play a role in the decline, leading to incredible improvements.

Speak to a holistic medical doctor to find out which approach may be best for you.

Alzheimer’s disease can be prevented

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